About Us

Cthulhu Eternal (CE) has been purpose-built to be a FREE and OPEN platform that can support a community of creators — anyone who has a desire to invent, share, or even just play in tabletop roleplaying games inspired by the PUBLIC DOMAIN horrors first described by H.P. Lovecraft.

In that sense, the “US” in the “ABOUT US” really refers to the entire community that collectively owns Cthulhu Eternal — and if you’re visiting this site with an eye towards perhaps using the CE system for a project or game of your own, that includes you.

To help others build their own creations, we are always on the lookout for CE-related game elements that we can share via this site so everyone can use them. They can be big or small things. The sorts of things we would dearly love to be able to share for the community’s benefit include:

  • New Archetypes for one of the eras covered in our Open-Ruleset SRDs, or
  • New Monstrosities or horrors that GMs can use to drop into their own scenarios, or
  • New Tomes descriptions with CE game statistics, or New Rituals described in terms of the CE rules, or
  • Variations or Expansions to the Rules, that enhance or modify the Open-Rulesets in interesting and useful ways, or
  • Entire Ready-to-play Scenarios that a GM can run using the rules in one of our Open-Ruleset SRDs, 
  • Brand new Game Settings that take our SRD rules and wrap a new “game world” around them, or even
  • Globe-trotting multi-chapter Campaigns that a group can play using the free resources found on this site!

The only caveat is that we cannot share content that contains licensed intellectual property owned by the authors of Cthulhu Mythos fiction (whether living or dead) — unless you are the owner of that property and are willing to have it referenced or shared for free. Material that is in the public domain is fine, as are creations that you yourself have invented, or even material that references generic or folkloric entities.

If you have something like that … please consider submitting it to us, so we can share it with the Cthulhu Eternal playing public! You can either use the contact form below, or simply email us at submissions [at] cthulhueternal.com 

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