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This page collects together resources for Cthulhu Eternal Age of Revolutions that have been written by Community Creators and made available for others to re-use. 

All contents are distributed under the Open Gaming License, with 100% of the page contents (excluding the name “Cthulhu Eternal” and the distinctive Cthulhu Eternal logo) are considered Open Content under that license

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Age of Revolutions Protagonist Archetypes

The Cthulhu Eternal Age of Revolutions SRD has a selection of Protagonist Archetypes that cover common types of characters that appear in Lovecraftian stories. Of course those ten or so character types won’t cover everything that a player might dream up for a Protagonist concept … that’s why the SRD also has a section describing how to build new Archetype templates. Collected below are some new 18th Century Archetypes that community members have built.

New Archetypes Coming Soon

New Archetypes built by community members will go here.

Age of Revolutions NPCs from Lovecraft's Fiction

Lovecraft’s short stories and novellas are packed with personalities which are typical examples of classic “investigators” of the Cthulhu Mythos. Game Moderators may wish to drop some of those individuals into a scenario or campaign as an NPC. The following statistic blocks will assist. However, GMs are always advised to go back and re-read the short stories which introduce the characters as this will give far greater insight into their quirks and characteristics – much more than a stat block will.


NPCs from Lovecraft’s Fiction © 2022, Chris Rosen.

“the picture was a three-quarter-length one … the subject was a spare, well-shaped man with dark-blue coat, embroidered waistcoat, black satin smallclothes, and white silk stockings, seated in a carved chair against the background of a window with wharves and ships beyond. When the head came out it was observed to bear a neat Albemarle wig, and to possess a thin, calm, undistinguished face …”

– H. P. Lovecraft, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (1927)

STR 12                   CON 14                 DEX 14                  INT 19                   POW 20                CHA 11
HP: 13                   DB: 0                      SAN 0                    BP: N/A                WP: 20

Weapons:           Dagger 35%, damage 1D4

                             Flintlock Pistol 70%, damage 1D6+1 [1 shot per 4 turns]

Skills: Administration 15%, Appraise 80%, Bootlick 65%, Disguise 45%, Foreign Language (Greek) 45%, Foreign Language (Hebrew) 48%, Foreign Language (Latin) 58%, Harangue/Taunt 80%, History 67%, Insight 70%, Literacy 90%, Occult 50%, Occult (Alchemy) 40%, Occult (Astrology) 55%, Persuade 45%, Persuade (Blackmail) 80%, Persuade (Interrogate) 75%, Persuade (Torture) 75%, Pharmacy 20%, Research 55%, Science (Chemistry) 10%, Stealth 60%, Unnatural 29%.

Rituals: Essential Saltes, Voorish Sign, plus others.

Pre-Generated Age of Revolutions Protagonists

Sometimes you just want to quickly grab a Protagonist for an impromptu game of Cthulhu Eternal, rather than go through the process of designing your own customized character. Alternatively, it’s sometimes handy to look at previous Protagonists for inspiration when making your own. Either way, the resources below give you some ready-to-play characters for your Age of Revolutions games of Cthulhu Eternal.

New Protagonists Coming Soon

New Archetypes built by community members will go here.

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