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We’re always on the lookout for cool community-created content that uses Cthulhu Eternal. If you’ve made something and would like it showcased (or hosted) here … send us an email: submissions [at]

To make it easier to navigate the diverse community content that is hosted here, we’ve split things into “Era-Specific Content” (i.e., relating to one SRD) and “Universal Content” (useful with ALL SRDs).

Era-Specific Content

Content that relates to a specific Cthulhu Eternal SRD (e.g., Jazz Age, Cold War, etc) is collated on separate pages:

An alien plant; a central dilating mouth (big enough for a person to be pulled into) lined with thorns, surrounded by a ring of fat, tongue-like petals. A short woody bole covered in bark supports this horrible flower, with thick roots below. Between 7 and 12 vines emerge below the flower, each 20' long and 4-5" thick, ending in a cluster of "fingers" like a budded branch.

Universal Content

The content collected below mostly relates to the horrific forces or entities that lurk forever just beyond mankind’s perception. Most of these elements can be used in games set in any era of the past, present, or future … and as such are equally useful for games run using ANY of the Cthulhu Eternal SRDs.

Many of these community creations augment the Cthulhu Mythos as invented by Lovecraft (but added to by countless other hands). For a game depiction of just the pure HPL parts of the Mythos (e.g., Mi-go, Ghouls, Deep Ones, Necronomicon, etc)  the Open Mythos page is your go-to-resource.

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