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The Open Rules Engines that are contained are the “bones” that define the Cthulhu Eternal game … but any adventure or campaign that you run with those rules will be just as much made up from other components. The adversaries that the Protagonists encounter. The unnatural monstrosities they flee from The plots and mysteries that are there to be unraveled through clever player deduction. These elements are the flesh that, on top of the bones we’ve built, will make your game an unforgettable roleplaying experience.

Naturally, creative Game Masters can invent every piece of a compelling scenario from scratch, relying on just the bare bones to give them structure. If that’s you’re way of doing things, great — we envy people like you.

For others who want to build their game on some partially-developed game resource … we have you covered as well. Broadly speaking, Cthulhu Eternal has two classes of resources — commercially-published scenarios and freely available game elements. This page collects together links to both types of resources … or at least the ones that WE have created. If you are interested in also looking at free content that other community members have build, there is a library of those hosted here as well.

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