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Every gamer needs more scenarios.

We host and publish libraries of free and affordable scenarios, plus other resources to make your game better.

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Making Life Easier for Scenario Writers

Do you have a Cthulhu-themed roleplaying scenario or globe-trotting campaign (or a killer  idea for one)?

Sharing it with the world can be a complex tangle of licensing headaches … but our Open platforms provide easy alternatives for creators to self-publishing their works.

Free Resources for Game Developers

Open rules engines. Open libraries of game resources and elements.

All available to become components powering your new game creation. Pick and choose material that supports your vision.

"In his house at R'lyeh, dead CTHULHU waits dreaming"

Who We Are

Who are we?

Cthulhu Eternal was created for one simple purpose: to make life easier for creators, “homebrewers”, and small-scale publishers of Lovecraftian horror RPG content.

We do this by offering open-source rules and content, which is available for ANYONE to recycle, remix, or reuse in their own games or scenarios (or anything else for that matter).

We exist to make it simpler for new voices to get their ideas published and shared with others who share a love for cosmic horror and tabletop roleplaying games

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Cthulhu Eternal Has A Discord


You’ve got questions about Cthulhu Eternal and how you can use it? Not sure about how to publish using the OGL? We have an online community on Discord that can answer all those questions … and maybe connect you with other folks who are using the Cthulhu Eternal platform to create amazing things.

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Use our Stuff?

Tabletop Roleplaying Games are fuelled by two complementary things — rules engines which describe how the (uncaring) universe reacts to the actions of characters controlled by players, and narrative elements that go into making up a scenario or adventure.

On this site we host both types of “fuel” to help power games, whether run in a traditional mode or adapted to some other way of playing.

Here you will find detailed (and fully free/open) rules engines offering hundreds of pages of tailored game rules. You will also find all manner of scenario elements … not to mention fully-realized scenarios that you can pick up and play with nothing more than the free content you download from here!

Free Rulesets, provided as OGL System Reference Documents

Free and open game mechanics, each tailored to describing tales of cosmic horror set in a particular era of our world's past, present or future. Each is a self-contained RPG (with full rules for character generation, skills, combat, the mental toll of the Mythos, and so on).

Use them to play a tense one-shot game, or borrow mechanics from them to fuel your brand new RPG.

Open Library of License-Free Mythos Threats and Powers

Every game of cosmic horror needs a supply of Unnatural monstrosities, whether unnameable things from other dimensions, or uncaring alien gods whose affairs occasionally intersect with careless mortals.

We love using the horrors from Lovecraft's public domain fiction, and lovingly host versions of those horrors statted for Cthulhu Eternal. We equally love brand new original creations in the cosmic horror tradition -- so we host CE statted versions of some of those here as well. Plenty of options for making characters wish they hadn't ventured out away from their safe island of ignorance.

Free Repository of Community-Created Scenarios, Variant Rules, & Resources

The strength of a community-based game is that anybody can contribute their ideas into the "melting pot" -- whether those come in the form of fully-realized campaigns of cosmic horror, or just an idea for a new character type or tweak to the default game mechanics in a System Reference Document.

We host a library of community-created content, to make it easier for users of our game mechanics to see what others have wrought ... and use them as the foundation for still further creativity.

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Cold War Spies, Cthulhu-Style - We’re excited to be announcing the release of “Known Unknowns”, another new Cthulhu Eternal scenario and another in our Australian Aeons series. This one is a 1950s Cold War Lovecraftian thriller which blends gritty espionage (as opposed to cinematic spy-jinks), Soviet-era paranoia, and schemes to steal Atomic secrets. Also terrifying forces from other dimensions (naturally).
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Wanna Write A Classic? Or Some Jazz Age Protagonists? - We are exceptionally excited to be announcing two new items we have recently released — one major and one minor. The major release we have only just finished wrangling is the Cthulhu Eternal Classical Era SRD. The smaller new release is a freebie PDF which greatly expands on the set of Archetype templates available to
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Mythos Horror in Post-Revolutionary France - We are very excited to be announcing the release of our very first PDF scenario for 2024, an “Age of Revolutions” adventure by William Adcock. Set amid the complex socio-political tensions following the Second French Revolution (the July Revolution of 1830), this creepy multi-strand mystery visits many classic horrors of the 19th Century — grave
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