Mythos Horror in Post-Revolutionary France

We are very excited to be announcing the release of our very first PDF scenario for 2024, an “Age of Revolutions” adventure by William Adcock. Set amid the complex socio-political tensions following the Second French Revolution (the July Revolution of 1830), this creepy multi-strand mystery visits many classic horrors of the 19th Century — grave robbing, tales of wild beasts roaming the streets at night, and more. But it all ends up in a very nasty, very Lovecraftian destination.

Available right now over on DriveThruRPG.

While there have been Lovecraftian scenarios set around the time of the initial French Revolution (of 1789), I don’t believe there has ever been anything set in this particular wrinkle of history. Playing through the scenario during testing, I must confess that I personally learned a thing or two about the long and convoluted road between the history we all know (the storming of the Bastille, and so on) and the French Republic(s) we know from more recent times.

This scenario does a great job at delivering not just a thrilling Mythos investigation, but also painting a vivid portrait of a very complex time when a diverse range of factions vied for the future — loyalists to the old-school monarchy, loyalists to the new monarch, people still loyal to the disgraced emperor Napoleon, and those seeking a return to the Republican government that followed the initial revolution. It’s definitely one for folks who enjoy historical Cthulhu settings … but maybe also of interest to folks looking to play in a unique and complex setting where nobody can be truly certain of the allegiances of their peers (or anyone else for that matter).

Physiology of Acquired Tastes is a self-contained 36 page PDF adventure and comes bundled with VTT-friendly digital files, a healthy bunch of pre-generated Protagonists, and the entire ruleset for our “Age of Revolutions” iteration of the Cthulhu Eternal rules.

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