Looking Back at 2023

It’s just clicked over to 2024 here at R’lyeh Towers, so naturally we are reflecting about all the great Lovecraftian stuff we have created over the past year … and also the awesome products that other publishers have released based on our SRDs.

In case you’ve missed some of the 17 or so titles that have come out in 2023 with the Cthulhu Eternal logo on them, here’s a quick roundup:

  • Most recently, a few days ago we released a free/PWYW 14-page winter-themed scenario called “The White War” set in World War 1 in the Italian Alps.
  • Earlier in December we released a Jazz Age scenario called “Second Coming” set in the haunted bayous of Louisiana; a kind of sequel to Inspector Legrasse’s tale in “The Call of Cthulhu”.
  • Also in December, our good friends at Libraries & Leviathans published a modern-day Cthulhu Eternal scenario called “Invisible Fires” which is an investigation-heavy adventure which serves as a convenient tie in to their previous scenario “The Wolf Who Cried Boy.”
  • In November we released another WW1 scenario, this one set in the tropical waters to the North of Australia. “Red in Tooth & Claw” sees a submarine crew marooned on a mysterious island.
  • Also in November, our friends at Twin Engine Publishing released their third Cthulhu Eternal scenario, “Cobwebs of Death.”
  • In October we released a 1980s scenario set in the sunny Australian seaside town of Busselton. “Dead Flowers” sees an ancient power of the Cthulhu Mythos working against other timeless forces.
  • Also in October, we released our most recent variant of the Cthulhu Eternal ruleset, this one optimized for “Future Era” (sci-fi) games of Lovecraftian horror. This has been one of our most popular free/PWYW titles.
  • Just before that we released the SRD ruleset that tailors the Cthulhu Eternal system for games set in World War 1 – an era we have already put to great effect in our scenarios.
  • Also in September, we launched our “Australian Aeons” line with a modern-day scenario called “Thou Didst Let Fell” which sees terrifying forces of the Mythos manifest as terrorist-like events in contemporary Sydney.
  • September also saw the release of a great sourcebook by our friends at Chaos Badger Publishing describing the Cthulhu Mythos in Romania (written by Romanian authors). Statted for Cthulhu Eternal, this title is available both in PDF and hardback print.
  • August saw the release of the title that is perhaps the highlight in our 2023, the print and electronic editions of “H.P. Lovecraft’s Book of Yog-Sothothery” a deluxe illustrated version of our open version of Lovecraft’s mythology, statted for Cthulhu Eternal but usable in several different games.
  • Also in June and August, our friends at Twin Engine Publishing released a pair of titles: “Lords of the Night” and “Shadow of the Irminsul” (both are available as PDF or print books).
  • In May, we released our first scenario to support the Medieval SRD for Cthulhu Eternal (see below). “The Lord of Nombrecht” is a castle-bound investigative adventure with a “Name of the Rose” kind of flavor.
  • April saw the release of two separate free OGL resources for Cthulhu Eternal – the “Medieval SRD” and the “Open Cthulhu Mythos SRD” (the latter of which shares content with the Book of Yog-Sothothery mentioned above).
  • February saw our first 2023 title for Cthulhu Eternal – the SRD for running games in and around the battles of World War 2.

As you can see from this diverse list of titles, 2023 has been a very busy year for Cthulhu Eternal and we still have a healthy pipeline of new items we would like to bring out in the new year. We hope that you’ve had a chance to play at least one of our games … whether it’s a freebie or not doesn’t matter to us, as long as it’s providing you with some entertainment.

If you love our stuff, please feel free to recommend it online or to your gaming buddies. It’s through word-of-mouth that most people find out about what we’re doing.

Thanks again for your support as we grow the community base for Cthulhu Eternal – it is most definitely appreciated!

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