Re-Animated By Cthulhu Eternal Logo License


The core rulesets of the Cthulhu Eternal Roleplaying Game (RPG) are contained in its series of System Reference Documents (SRDs), each published under the Wizards of the Coast Open Game Licence (OGL). The full contents of the SRDs are designated as “open content” under that license, and may be freely re-used, re-purposed, and re-published (for profit, or for free) as long as the terms of the OGL are met.

When using elements of the Cthulhu Eternal game system, or creating material which is intended to be playable using the Cthulhu Eternal rules, you may (if you wish) use the “Re-Animated By Cthulhu Eternal” (RBCE) logo to denote this compatibility or re-use. A digital copy of the RBCE logo may be obtained from this URL: ; its use is governed by the following conditions:

1. Use of the RBCE is not mandatory – published works can contain Cthulhu Eternal material, or be compatible with the Cthulhu Eternal rules and not announce that compatibility or re-use through a visible logo.

2. If a published work bears the RBCE logo, it must contain a credit which states: ‘Cthulhu Eternal and the “Re-Animated By Cthulhu Eternal” logo are trademarks of Cthulhu Reborn Publishing and used here with permission.’ If desired, the published can provide a link directing readers back to the Cthulhu Eternal website for more information and free/open resources for Lovecraftian roleplaying.

3. The unadorned Cthulhu Eternal logo – that is, the version which is not enclosed in a shape and bracketed by “Re-Animated By” – may only be used on works published by Cthulhu Reborn Publishing. The RBCE version, however, is freely available for anyone to use.

4. Publication of a work bearing the RBCE Logo does not require prior application, agreement, or approval by Cthulhu Reborn Publishing. Parties are free to use it royalty-free and in perpetuity, with two restrictions:

a. You may not use the RBCE Logo in a deceptive way which suggests that Cthulhu Reborn Publishing owns, is the publisher of, or is in any way responsible for, your published work.

b. If your published work is deemed to be illegal (e.g., fraudulent) or harmful to the Cthulhu Eternal brand (e.g., excessively offensive), we reserve the right to deny usage of the RBCE Logo, or if already published request that you re-issue your work without the logo.

5. When publishing a work with the RBCE Logo you may, if you wish, bundle a copy of one or more Cthulhu Eternal SRDs with your product. There is no fee associated with redistributing the SRDs in this way, nor do you need to seek prior approval.

6. This license does not confer any rights or permission with relation to anything other than the RBCE Logo. All other intellectual property which appears in Cthulhu Eternal publications is solely governed by the OGL terms and conditions.

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