Temporal Manipulators

The Great Race’s members were immense rugose cones ten feet high, and with head and other organs attached to foot-thick, distensible limbs spreading from the apexes. They spoke by the clicking or scraping of huge paws or claws attached to the end of two of their four limbs, and walked by the expansion and contraction of a viscous layer attached to their vast, ten-foot bases.

—The Shadow out of Time, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, 1936
a conical thing with 4 tentacles coming out of the top, two with crab claws, 1 with 4 suckers, and 1 a mass of sensory orgains & feelers
Great Race of Yith by Brad Hicks

When the Great Race came to earth 600 million years ago through space and time, they took the form of beings whose external form resembles giant cones, rimmed with extremities that appear no less bizarre and whose physiology exceeds human imagination. Whether Yith was their homeworld or even just a way station, no one can say. It is true, however, that the Great Race uses very advanced technology and appears to be pursuing an eons-long plan to ensure the survival of the former Yithians in the face of an existential threat to come.

The approximately 3 m high cone-shaped bodies have four greenish extremities at the upper end that can be stretched out or contracted, as well as a head, which is also mounted on a movable stalk. Large pincer-like scissors are attached to two arms, which are used for transporting objects and communicating by means of clicking or scratching noises. Locomotion occurs through expansion and contraction of the viscous cone base.

The Great Race is able to send its spirit into the past and future and, moreover, to exchange it with the spirit of intelligent beings. In this way, the Yithians can experience all knowledge from all times firsthand and also influence future timelines in their favor.


Awareness Projection: Yithians are able to swap their minds with another being across time and space. To do this, they use a so-called projection machine. Before the exchange, the memories of the exchange partner are usually completely deleted.

Infinite Knowledge: The Great Race gathers knowledge from the past, present, and future. This enables actions that do not seem to make sense from a human perspective or relate to future events that are actually impossible to predict. A Yithian can also draw on this knowledge when his consciousness is projected into another being. Sometimes after a projection is terminated, fragments of that knowledge and incompletely erased memories remain in the affected being. With a successful Luck check, the affected being gains shards of infinite knowledge and gains a one-time +1d10 unnatural knowledge.

Mastery Skills: All skills of a Yithian are considered mastery with a skill value of 80%. This creature trait also applies to adopted humans.

Unnatural Matter: Creatures made of unnatural matter take a maximum of 1 HP of damage from successful attacks. If the attack has a lethality value, the lethality check automatically fails and HP is reduced by the smaller of the two dice. This creature trait doesn’t apply to acquired humans.

Unnatural Organism: The creature’s physiology reveals no weaknesses or particularly significant areas of the body. Targeting to increase damage is therefore not possible, nor are critical hits. This creature trait doesn’t apply to acquired humans.

Yog-Sothothery: Through their immense knowledge and ability to manipulate the future, the Yithians can be responsible for many events that, at first glance, seem to make no sense at all. This paradox arises in particular when characters believe that a situation has been closed and the next moment an intelligent reaction to it occurs that nobody expected: be it a replenishment of forces, material or the taking over of a human spirit in order to have a compliant body in mind of the Great Race to have on site.

GREAT RACE OF YITH, Temporal Manipulators

STR: 50

CON: 50

DEX: 12

INT: 45

POW: 25

HP: 50

Damage Bonus/Lethality: +#D#

Build: Very Large (target size bonus: +20%).

Willpower Points: 25


Attacks per round: 1

Fighting attacks: .

Scissor attack 40%, 25% lethality.

Dodge: ##%

Armor: 5 points from thick skin and solid physique.

Skills: every 80% (see Mastery Skills ).

Rituals: Elder Sign, Dho-Hna Formula, Wipe Memory, Body Swap, Gate in the Corners, Voorian Sign, Takeover.

Sanity Loss: 1d6/1d12

This creature description is translated from the German version published by FHTAGN-RPG.

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