Cthulhu Eternal and the OGL (Fiasco)

We are obviously closely watching the situation with the OGL 1.0a status and also statements made by Arc Dream. For us, it is currently a game of “wait and see”. Whatever happens, we WILL continue to publish our SRDs as fully free/open rules for others to use or build scenarios for … The mechanism for doing that MIGHT need to change or it might not. We’d like to reassure anyone who is already developing game content using CE or APOCTHULHU they can be confident that it will remain a viable open d100 platform. Someway or other, we will keep it so.

If OGL 1.0a survives then it doesn’t really matter what Arc Dream decide to do — the historical versions of their rulesets are still going to be OGC under that license, even if they decide that future versions of their rules/supplements aren’t going to use that license. OTOH if the OGL 1.0a ultimately does get “deauthorized” we can still rework our rules relatively simply and republish under a new open license like ORC or CC. But obviously, we’re not going to dedicate resources to do that until there’s a clear argument that it is needed. We’ve got other cool new stuff we’re working on that we’d rather spend the time on.

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