Cthulhu Eternal Supports Ukraine

Friends of Cthulhu, we have been heartbroken to see the events unfolding in Eastern Europe. As a token to show our support, we have commissioned several pieces of art to go along with our translation of FthagnRPG open SRD monsters for use in your open Cthulhu Eternal games. The monsters are available here. Look for the #FreeUkraine tag to see Ukrainian produced art.

Our artists are:

Maria Savko

Lola Valola

Gora Gorskiy

Tayna Rezunenko

We highly recommend buying their art! They’re great & impressive artists and Ukraine could use your support right now!
If you have no need of art at the moment, consider helping by donating:

Help the Ukrainian Army:

Help the victims of rape:

Please make a note in payment document that this is a “charity donation”

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