Listen to Us on the Miskatonic Uni Podcast!

Bill & Dean from Cthulhu Reborn were invited to chat to the lovely folks at the Miskatonic University Podcast. You can listen to the long and detailed interview either on the MUP site, or wherever good podcasts can be streamed.

We talked a lot about Cthulhu Eternal — why we made it, what it can be used for, and how anyone can use it as the basis for their own game or Lovecraftian scenario. Chances are if you have a question about our stuff we have at least touched on it in this chat.

More Australian Aeons on the Way

Hot on the heels of Australia’s immensely disappointing Indigenous Voice referendum outcome, we have been working to rejig our release schedule to bump a few Aus Indigenous themed scenario releases to the the head of the queue. That’s great news if you’re keen to see more of our “Australian Aeons” PDF scenarios … a line we started last month with “Thou Didst Let Fall”.

Coming this month, we have “Dead Flowers” by Stuart Boon … and next month we will be releasing “Red in Tooth and Claw” by Chad Bowser. Both of them are amazing (and quite substantial) scenarios — we hope you check them out when they drop.

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