World War 1 SRD: Released Today

You know what they say: it never rains but it pours ichor from the swirling heart of Azathoth at the centre of the mad chaos … er … well you know what I mean. And so it is hot on the heels of two big recent releases from us, we are astoundingly pleased to be announcing the release of another System Reference Document (aka SRD, or bare-bones ruleset) for Cthulhu Eternal. This one is optimized for Lovecraftian horror gaming during the years of the Great War (1914-1918) although its mechanics could probably be adapted to other similar times and settings.

It’s available right now over on DriveThruRPG as a 104-page Pay-What-You-Want PDF. As always the text-only rules cover all aspects of a Lovecraftian RPG ruleset, from character creation, skills, combat, sanity, Mythos tomes, arcane rituals, etc. It also has resources to help you develop a more detailed game setting, or to import statted content from other games (our rules are solidly part of the D100 family of games, so most things written for that system in the past 40 or so years translate across very easily).

The SRD pack also includes a snazzy character sheet, provided in both a fillable version [works with desktop Adobe Reader] and a non-fillable version (for printing out). We also bundle information about our “(Re)-Animated By Cthulhu Eternal” license, which is a free license for using a version of the Cthulhu Eternal logo that signifies your work is compatible with our rules.

Everything in the Cthulhu Eternal World War I SRD is open content under the Wizards OGL 1.0a (except for our trademarked logo, but you can still use a version of that as mentioned above). That means the full 100+ pages of rules and guidelines is available for you to reuse, remix, and plumb into your own Frankenstein gaming creations, if that’s your schtick.

Whether you use this new SRD to run straight Lovecraftian tales set in the muddy trenches of France, or craft some bonkers adventure featuring biplanes dodging legions of Night-gaunts … we hope that you can find something terrifying to do with the elements we’ve created!

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