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Humans exposed to the Corrupting Vines' sap and mutated. Body like an orangutan with long arms and short, splayed legs, covered in a thin covering of greasy, bristly hair; irregular clusters of crocodile-like scales sprout on the back, shoulders and upper thighs. Head like a wild boar, complete with tusks and upturned snout, again only covered by sparse hair.

Vine-Corrupted Once-Men

Beast-Men, Shapeshifters “He who makes a beast of himself removes the pain of being a man.” – Samuel Johnson

An alien plant; a central dilating mouth (big enough for a person to be pulled into) lined with thorns, surrounded by a ring of fat, tongue-like petals. A short woody bole covered in bark supports this horrible flower, with thick roots below. Between 7 and 12 vines emerge below the flower, each 20' long and 4-5" thick, ending in a cluster of "fingers" like a budded branch.

Corrupting Vines

Devil’s Snare, Tree-Devils, Ya’ax kisino, Ya-te-veo “Mr. Dunstan, naturalist, who has recently returned from Central America, where he spent nearly...