Corrupting Vines

Devil’s Snare, Tree-Devils, Ya’ax kisino, Ya-te-veo

“Mr. Dunstan, naturalist, who has recently returned from Central America, where he spent nearly two years in the study of the flora and the fauna of the country, relates the finding of a singular growth in one of the swamps which surround the great lakes of Nicaragua. He was engaged in hunting for botanical and entomological specimens, when he heard his dog cry out, as if in agony, from a distance. Running to the spot whence the animal’s cries came. Mr. Dunstan found him enveloped in a perfect network of what seemed to be a fine rope-like tissue of roots and fibers… The native servants who accompanied Mr. Dunstan manifested the greatest horror of the vine, which they call “the devil’s snare”, and were full of stories of its death-dealing powers.” – Annie Besant (ed.), “A Curious Story,” Lucifer, September 1891

An alien plant; a central dilating mouth (big enough for a person to be pulled into) lined with thorns, surrounded by a ring of fat, tongue-like petals. A short woody bole covered in bark supports this horrible flower, with thick roots below. Between 7 and 12 vines emerge below the flower, each 20' long and 4-5" thick, ending in a cluster of "fingers" like a budded branch.
Corrupting Vines by Brad Hicks

Corrupting Vines are intelligent, mobile plants, capable of communicating with human beings telepathically. Whether they evolved naturally on Earth or are extraterrestrial in origin is unknown; in the one documented instance of a human being communicating with one of entities, the Vines were coy about their origin, insisting they had “always been here.”

Corrupting Vines consist of central woody bole up to 4’ in diameter, supported by a varying amount of stout roots, capable of propelling the creature along with a shambling gait. 8-12 flexible tendrils, each up to 20’ long, extend from this bole, covered in flexible bark and terminating in a cluster of slim fingers like a budded branch. At the top of the bole is a dilating central mouth lined with downward-slanting thorns or teeth; this mouth is surrounded by thick, fleshy petals, the color and texture of raw liver. Sacrifices are seized with the tendrils and pulled in to the mouth for digestion.

Vines are found almost exclusively in hot, humid environments on Earth, and make their lairs in caves or similar dark, secluded places. Using their ability to communicate, Vines make contact with nearby humans and present themselves as gods or divine messengers. Once contact is established, the Vines offer “boons” in exchange for sacrifices; humans seem to be preferred, though Vines will consume any warm-blooded offering. Common boons are immortality and the means of avenging oneself on an enemy.

The boon comes invariably in the form of allowing the petitioner to carry away a portion of the Vines’ sap; this milky syrup is mutagenic, violently altering the DNA of anyone consuming even a few drops and transforming them into Vine-Corrupted; these unfortunates, reduced to animal intelligence and driven by a powerful need to consume and defile, are immune to age, starvation and disease, dying only by violence. 

Corrupting Vines, telepathic vegetable horrors

STR: 30

CON: 24

DEX: 6

INT: 13

POW: 24

HP: 27

Damage Bonus: See Below

Willpower Points: 24


Attacks per round: 2D4 Vines

Corrupting Vines attack with multiple vines per round, using them to lash at or grapple targets. A successful grapple deals no damage, but indicates one vine has wrapped itself around the target, with each additional successful maneuver adding to the number of constricting vines. A single vine has 4 hit points and may be severed if enough damage is inflicted. A held person may attempt a STR  roll opposed by the Vines’ strength to break free but is otherwise considered Pinned and is incapable of taking any actions other than attempting to break free. Once held, the target is drawn into the Vines’ central maw, with an automatic 2D10 damage per turn.

Vines: 60%, damage 15% Lethality or Grapple

Dodge: 30%

Armor: Minimum damage from firearms or other non-slashing weapons. Double damage from fire; defoliants deal 1D6 damage per round of exposure. 

Skills: Alertness 60%, Persuade 60%

Rituals: None

Sanity Loss: 1/1D8

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