Lord of all things, Blind Nuclear Chaos, Idiot God

He thought of the ancient legends of Ultimate Chaos, at whose center sprawls the blind idiot god Azathoth, Lord of All Things, encircled by his flopping horde of mindless and amorphous dancers, and lulled by the thin monotonous piping of a daemonian flute held in nameless paws

The Haunter of the Dark, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, 1935
A nonsentient nuclear chaos in the center of the universe
Azathoth by Brad Hicks

Azathoth is the nuclear chaos, a blind and idiotic god at the center of the universe. Lord of all things, creating and destroying worlds, he is surrounded by a horde of dull and amorphous dancers who lull him with their thin and monotonous flute music, possibly keeping the chaos at bay. A fragment of Azathoth is enough to devastate entire lands on Earth.

Azathoth is at the center of many occult rites and secret organizations drawn to the power ascribed to him. Legends abound as to the meaning of Azathoth’s true name, for knowing it promises tremendous powers.


Elder God: The being is so powerful that it exists and acts outside of the human imagination. As such, it has no stats, and the GM is free to decide the consequences of direct contact with that creature. For people, however, an encounter usually means certain death or insanity.

Beyond the Veil: The presence of Azathoth, or some of his fragments, is sufficient to disrupt the fabric of space-time. This results in particular perceptions, in fluctuations in the perceived reality. It often seems as if images, sounds and smells are distorted and one can see behind the veil of normality and physical laws.

Cosmic Chaos: The motives of this Elder God are so far beyond human imagination that they seem random and erratic – utter chaos in the truest sense of the word. Equally random and improbable are the events that occur when Azathoth’s presence condenses somewhere.

Cosmic Resonance: The flute-playing horrors of Azathoth’s court send their blasphemous music across the universe. Sometimes this sound also reaches individuals who are open to it or particularly talented. It has also been reported that a resonance with the cosmic songs can be produced by playing instruments or by scientific experiments.

Nuclear Chaos: Encountering Azathoth—even if only fragments of that being—exposes a character to radioactive radiation (see FHTAGN rulebook , Radioactivity). The amount of radiation dose depends on the type and duration of the encounter and is left to the discretion of the game master.

Unnatural Knowledge (+1d100): Encountering this creature inevitably increases the character’s Unnatural Knowledge by +1d100 points. The character then simultaneously loses sanity points of the same amount and suffers the usual consequences. No sanity check protects against this trait. The Unnatural Realization occurs immediately after the regular sanity check and regardless of its result. A face-to-face encounter with nuclear chaos leads to both profound insights into the truths of our universe and inevitable madness.

Elder God This Elder God is a very significant figure in the Cthulhu Mythos along with Yog-Sothoth and Shub-Niggurath. While Azathoth is often associated with destruction, he may well be capable of creating new things as well. In addition, there are voices that assume that the demon sultan Azathoth was not always blind and idiotic, but was transformed into his current form by an event.

Azathoth, Elder God

Sanity Loss: 1d10/1d100 (see also Unnatural Insight )

This creature description is translated from the German version published by FHTAGN-RPG.

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