Thus of the very ancient city of Ib was nothing spared, save the sea-green stone idol chiseled in the likeness of Bokrug, the water-lizard.

The Doom That Came to Sarnath, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, 1920
6 eyed lizard creature from nightmares
Bokrug by Brad Hicks

Judging from the depictions of Bokrug, which are often executed as stone, sea-green idols or ornate works of glass, onyx, or other valuable materials, this god takes the form of a water lizard. Bokrug is worshiped throughout the land of Mnar after his faithful servants, the beings of Ib, were slain by the townspeople of Sarnath. Bokrug waited 1,000 years to finally raise the spirits of the dead beings of Ib and bring ruin to Sarnath.


Great old one: The being is so powerful that it exists and acts outside of the human imagination. As such, it has no stats, and the GM is free to decide the consequences of direct contact with that creature. For people, however, an encounter usually means certain death or insanity.

Spirit of Bokrug: Bokrug can summon and command dead beings that served him during his lifetime as spirits. After fulfilling Bokrug’s will, they may then continue to live in another plane of existence.

Unnatural Knowledge (+1d10): Encountering this creature inevitably increases the character’s unnatural knowledge by 1d10 points. The character loses sanity points by the same amount and suffers the usual consequences. No sanity check protects against this trait. The Unnatural Realization occurs immediately after the regular sanity check and regardless of its result. This only applies to the first encounter with Bokrug or a vision of him.

Bane of Bokrug: Should harm befall his followers, or if asked to do so as part of a ritual, Bokrug can bring ruin to entire lands. To do this, he sends the spirits of his dead minions, spreading terror and madness until nothing is left and Bokrug’s vengeance is satisfied.

BOKRUG, corrupter

 Sanity Loss: 1d8/1d20 (see also Unnatural Insight ).

This creature description is translated from the German version published by FHTAGN-RPG.

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