Cthulhu Eternal Medieval SRD Released!

Cover of Cthulhu Eternal Medieval SRD
Walking the Medieval streets of Lovecraft-haunted Europe can be rough.

It never rains but it pours ichor from the interstitial void. After having a fairly slow release schedule for the end of 2022, we’re now in the enviable position of announcing the release of yet another Cthulhu Eternal SRD that our team have been slogging away on for a while — this one is the Cthulhu Eternal Medieval SRD, available right now over on DTRPG.

The SRD is written by Chad Bowser, who has written oodles of historical stuff and Cthulhu stuff and sometimes historical Cthulhu stuff, for a range of different publishers. These rules are intended to support games set in any European/British setting from roughly the period 500CE to 1300CE (yes, 800 years of history all in one ruleset!).

While the Medieval period is not one typically associated with investigative horror, many of the common themes of cosmic horror resonate strongly with the vast social and cultural changes that sweep through Europe during these centuries. Science and rational conceptions of the world are luxuries for a future age — in these times the hidden horrors exist as an unknowable cancer. Something inexorably nibbling away at the institutions that keep men safe and sane.

The church, trust in the natural order of the world, and established feudal traditions of social order … all of them are as a speck of dust when the alien forces of the Cthulhu Mythos choose to rouse. The only thing that stands between mankind and a horrific awakening of ancient terrors … is a few hardy Protagonists willing to stand against impossible odds. Because the consequences of not fighting the horrors is something even more terrifying.

So … if you’re itching to get your players into a setting where they can literally “go Medieval” on some horrors from the terrifying Cthulhu Mythos … here’s the link. Just don’t complain to us when your players’ Protagonists wind up gibbering and broken invalids, living out their cursed short lives comforted in a monastery somewhere.

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