Follow in Inspector Legrasse’s Footsteps

Today we released another all-new scenario in our “Lost Masterpieces” line for Cthulhu Eternal: “Second Coming” by Gary Sumpter & Rob Malkovich. It’s a 50-page PDF adventure, available right now over on DriveThruRPG.

Set in Jazz Age New Orleans this adventure is a sequel of sorts to HPL’s “The Call of Cthulhu”, picking up the tale of Inspector Legrasse and fast forwarding twenty years from his original raid in 1907. The weird Cthulhu Idol that was seized during that violent episode has been a curio on the Inspector’s mantle, a keepsake he kept even after he retired from the force. Now it has suddenly gone missing, under baffling circumstances. Is the disappearance of this outre idol a simple robbery? Something more? And is the whole matter somehow tied to persistent low-level rumours which suggest the weird cult that worshipped … something … out in the bayou was never fully scattered by Legrasse and his men.

This “Lost Masterpiece”, written almost 20 years ago itself, is brought to life in a deluxe edition with lavish illustrations and loads of neat handouts! If you’ve ever wanted to send your Protagonists out on a mission to track down the “Unseen Masters” of the New Orleans Cthulhu Cult … and perhaps finish the job that Legrasse started … this is the scenario for you!

As usual, we are always keen to hear what our faithful customers do with any of our scenarios — so if you do pick up this PDF and run it, please do drop us a line to tell us how it worked out for you.

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