Tropical WW1 Horrors for our new AusAeons

We’re delighted to announce the release of another title in our Australian Aeons line of PDF adventures. This one is titled “Red in Tooth & Claw” and is written by Chad Bowser for the Cthulhu Eternal World War 1 SRD (one of our most-popular rulesets, by download at least). Set during the very early days of WW1, it places the players in the roles of crew members on one of Australia’s very earliest submarines. Their mission involves capturing the German colonies in New Guinea. That turns out to be the EASY part … what proves much more challenging are the stark realities of being marooned on a strange “lost island” in the tropical waters north of Australia.

Will the plucky crew members manage to survive long enough on the meagre supplies and elusive natural sources of food and water to be rescued? And will any of that matter when there are OTHER much more terrifying things wandering the island and calling out to them in the night?

“Red in Tooth & Claw” is a 40page survival-horror scenario that is very sandbox-y in structure but still leaves room for plenty of truly horrific moments of dread realization and sleuthing. Available right now on DriveThruRPG, bundled with the full 100-page ruleset that you can use to run it.

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