Released Today: The Bitter Jungle for Cthulhu Eternal

It’s no secret that we are constantly working away at bringing out new and intriguing Lovecraftian games and scenarios using the Cthulhu Eternal ruleset. Today is a red letter day because we can announce the release of the first in a brand new line of Mythos scenarios set in familiar time-periods, but in novel geographical settings.

It is available right now on DriveThruRPG.

“The Bitter Jungle” by veteran Lovecraftian game writer William Adcock is a really interesting investigative scenario set in the Central American country of British Honduras in the early 1920s. Weird things are happening at a plantation set up by an enthusiastic entrepreneur hoping to cash in on the burgeoning demand for chewing gum … most of which is made from natural gums extracted from trees. What should be a simple exercise in commercial agriculture has turned into a nightmare, thanks to some unexplained (and perhaps inexplicable) acts of vandalism. The Protagonists are given the job of trying to understand who — or what — is destroying the plantation. The answers are much stranger and personal than anyone might suspect.

This scenario is interesting for many reasons, not least because it affords the opportunity to ditch the traditional stuffy stereotypes of Lovecraftian investigators and step into the shoes of some indigenous Central American characters who are embroiled in events triggered by colonial farmers. Six pre-gen Protagonists are included that can be used to shake up the traditional format of a Mythos mystery hunt … or you can use the scenario as a chapter in an ongoing campaign with more orthodox investigators.

One of the reasons we really love this scenario is that — like many of William Adcock’s adventures — this tale offers little in the way of morally “black and white” characters, instead delightfully playing with some interesting moral and ethical issues and letting players decide what is important to the Protagonists, and how far they are willing to go in remedying a perceived injustice. We love scenarios like that.

You can read more about the specifics of the scenario over at the DTRPG page. We hope that folks here are interested enough to check it out. If you end up running this scenario we would (as always) be delighted to hear how it went for your gaming group!

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